Ramy E. Ali

Staff Researcher
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Ramy E. Ali
Staff Research Engineer
Samsung, San Diego
E-mail: ramy dot ali at samsung dot com

I am a Staff Researcher in the Multi-media and Cellular lab at Samsung, San Diego working on next generation wireless communication and machine learning systems. I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Electrical Engineering Department, University of Southern California working with Prof. Salman Avestimehr from 2020 to 2022. I currently work on secure and private machine learning, model compression and wireless communications.

News and Talks

  • May ’22: Our work "3LegRace: Privacy-Preserving DNN Training over TEEs and GPUs” has been accepted at PETS’22.

  • December ’21: I've presented Multi-RoundSecAgg, at the Private AI Institute (Slides)

  • November ’21: I've presented LightSecAgg, along with Jinhyun So, Chaoyang He and Salman Avestimehr at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) (Slides)

  • October ’20: Our work, On Polynomial Approximations for Privacy-Preserving and Verifiable ReLU Networks has been accepted in the NeurIPS Workshop on Privacy Preserving Machine Learning (PPML & PRIML) (Extended Version, Slides).